1.How do I get a sweater?

I have been blessed with good fortune in my sweater sales, which makes them a little tricky to grab ahold of.

Every month I post a big collection of about 50 sweaters in my etsy shop. It is all first come, first serve. I try to have every imaginable size and color combination, plus a few surprises. Usually, everything sells out in a couple of minutes, so, if you blink you will miss them. Right now the only way to get one of my sweaters is on etsy, with payment through Paypal.

2.How do I get on the list?

I do not do custom orders or keep a waiting list.

3.When is your next sweater posting?

I announce the exact time of the next sweater posting on etsy and on my Facebook page. Please “like” Katwise on facebook to stay in the loop. I will share preview photos of the sweaters, with all the size/price information before I post them on etsy.

4- How does sizing work?

Each coat is unique and each body is unique. I am always impressed at how many body types can look good in the same coat. These are pretty versatile - so do not be too concerned with sticking to one exact size - you can usually go up or down a size and it will still work for you. Every sweater has a different amount of stretch, which can add up to 6 or even 10 inches to the measurements. I give the unstretched measurements. The tie belt makes sweaters very adaptable and flattering.

Here is my general guideline:

Under 30" Bust - Xsmall

30-32" - Small

33 - 37" - Medium

38 - 41" - Large

41 - 46" – Xlarge

46 - 52" - XXLArge

53" and up - XXXLarge

Each collection has a theme that the sweater are named after. I try to have fun with these, and I love to hear your theme suggestions. Here are a few of the past themes….